Our purpose – We were created to worship God, to grow in our relationship with Him, to share in His love, and to reach the lost for Christ. We are involved in rescue; this is our mission!


Service Times

9:45 AM - Bible Study
11:00 AM - Worship Service
Children's Church During
Worship Service

6:30 PM - Evening Service
7:30 PM - Choir Practice


Hebrews Sermon Series

Today we begin a new sermon series. The bible teaches that you can experience a more dynamic life through putting into practice some foundational principles, such as forgiving others, managing your time and finances, walking in faith, controlling your thoughts and speech, and living with purpose.

These principles all fall within the realm of "possible" in that anyone can do them, but they also open the door to the realm of the impossible. Practicing these things day-in and day-out creates a life of miracles, and makes available a whole new world of options for you to pursue.

Together we'll explore possibilities. What If?



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